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praying for madelyn

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Prayer has a very special place in the hearts of both my husband and I. As two people whose lives have been drenched with examples of the power of prayer, we are so passionate about the need for us to come, both together and individually, to the feet of our Lord in prayer for our family.

It is one of my hearts greatest desires to spend time with the Lord in prayer, both in my personal prayer life and in the one that I share with my husband. I have seen the power of prayer do amazing things in my life, and as a mother it is so important for me to share that gift with my children.

Praying for Madelyn is something that I do constantly. I know that I fall so short as a mother in so many ways and that it is only through prayer and grace that I will raise the kind, virtuous, Holy children that I desire all of my kids (present and future) to be. Every night since we first began dating, Scott and I have brought our hopes, fears, dreams & intentions and laid them at the feet of Christ in search of His grace and mercy. Once the the idea of marriage became more real for us, we prayed intently for our vocations… both that we would know God’s will and for the strength, courage, and grace to live it fully. When we became engaged and knew that God was calling us to the vocations of marriage and parenthood (in whatever form that may take) we began praying for all of our future children and for their vocations as well.

We continued to do this throughout the two years of our engagement and the year and a half of our marriage before Madelyn’s conception, and still do for all of the children that we pray God blesses us with. Once we had become aware of Madelyn’s impeding arrival, we joyfully and gratefully began to pray for her specifically.

Every day I pray for sweet little Madelyn. For her life and vocation…. for her future husband if that’s what God has in store for her. I pray that God gives her a heart that burns with a desire to love and serve Him. That she would always have the wisdom to know and the courage to do God’s will…. in every aspect of her life. I pray that Madelyn will turn to Our Lady and the amazing example of womanhood, motherhood, and true feminism that she is to us. I pray that she will be kind and virtuous… that she will always stand up for the weak and serve others before she serves herself. I pray that she will have a heart that is filled with joy and and that she will have a genuine love for  life, but always remember that it and this world that we live in is fleeting.

I pray that she will be a Saint.

But praying for Madelyn doesn’t just mean praying for her, it also means praying for myself and for my role as a mother and wife. It means praying for her daddy in his vocation to fatherhood and for our marriage as a whole. I want to be the kind of mother that teaches her children by example and I know that Madelyn is going to imitate everything that I do. Her imitation of Christ and of Our Lady will come through her imitation of me.

For and with my family… I just constantly pray.

a milestone!

Friday, June 4th, 2010

A few days ago I was excited to learn that I had received my very first bog award from T. Bird over at Nestled in Rosenberg! I was definitely shocked and oh-so-flattered that someone would think enough of my little blog here to honor me out of all the wonderful and inspiring blogs out there in blogland.

Did I just say blogland?

Yep, pretty sure I did.


Anywayyyyy…. T. Bird is great and she has an incredibly inspiring blog….if you haven’t already, then I highly encourage you to go check her out. She did a fabulous makeover on her Craigslst hutch and I almost died when I read her tutorial for the antique spoons she laid on top of some burlap and hung in a small distressed window frame! Thanks so much for thinking of me T.bird… I am definitely honored!

here’s my award…. isn’t she pretty?

As the much-honored recipient that I am, I ‘ll play by the rules and list seven random things about myself….

1. When I am feeling really bad, and I mean reallyyyyy naughty, I like to pour heavy cream over my Death By Chocolate ice cream, there by insuring that I will almost certainly live up to it’s name.

2. Every day (except on weekends) I do a load of laundry from start to finish. In fact, the first thing that I do pretty much every morning is put a load of laundry in the wash…. how boring is that?

3. We planted onions in our little “garden” out back and I am pretty sure they are dying…. perhaps it would be a good idea to look up how to take care of them? hmmmm?

4. I am absolutely, 100% head-over-heals in love with my God, my husband, and my sweet baby girl. Sometimes I think my heart may burst with all that love. But at least Death By Love would be a better way to go than the Death By Chocolate option (which, come to think of it, wouldn’t be so bad) in number 1….

5. I was sooooo excited when I discovered blogland (there it is again). All of a sudden there was an entire world at my finger tips that had a love and passion for the same things that I did. Being a woman, a wife, and a mother are such beautiful and fulfilling vocations and I love the opportunity for creativity that they bring. All of you wonderful women out there have been such amazing inspirations to me and I am excited to get to know one another better and to learn from all of you!

6. We have two dogs in this wonderful bungalow of ours, Layla and Bowser. We got them while we were still in college and they are both 100% mutt and both 100% fabulous. It really is quite amazing how well behaved they are and how well they listen and we actually get compliments on it all the time. They follow me around all day long and you can always find them lying at my feet… whether I am nursing on the couch, switching the laundry, or making dinner in the kitchen.

7. I finally put aside that irrational fear of mine and clipped some Hydrangea to bring inside the house. I’m so glad that I did. I don’t think we’ll go a day without fresh flowers in our house for the rest of the summer!

Oh, and since we hung the chandelier redo we had an extra ceiling fan lying around, which we hung in our dining-room-turned-living-room this past holiday weekend. When we first moved into our house the layout was incredibly awkward. It made so much more sense when we switched some rooms around and turned our very over-sized dining room into our living room…. our house has a great flow now because of it. It’s not the most beautiful fan in the entire world… but it certainly beats the awkward dining room style chandelier we had hanging in there before. And the fact that it was free and that we no longer need to worry about guests banging their head on a wrought iron light fixture are definite bonuses!

And no… hanging it did not go near as smoothly as hanging the chandelier did (think more like 2 hrs and a few trips into the attic later).

almost forgot to take the before.


Not the most fabulous project we’ve ever completed, but it definitely makes the room feel more like the living room it is, and it will be great for these hot Arkansas summers until we can switch it out for something more updated sometime down the road!

Oh and, for everyone’s sake, please divert your attention from the hideous leather couch (I’m dying for a white slip-covered sectional) and pillow (um, I need some Etsy in my life…. please?) in the above picture, and direct it instead to the incredibly detailed, eight inch thick crown molding that we have in this room and throughout our entire house.

Thank You.


Anywayyyy….. I now have the privilege of passing this lovely award on to you, some of my fellow bloggers! Here are my picks for 15 other blogs that are must-haves on your reader! I tried to pick blogs that you may not know yet, so you should definitely check them out…. These ladies are awesome!

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I am making a low-fat version of the Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti for dinner tonight and have a few more chores to finish up before the weekend, but keep your eye out on Monday for a post that has been waiting on my dashboard for awhile now!

God Bless!

An early morning pick-me-up

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Since this is the first spring that we have experienced in this house, we welcomed a few surprises in the garden this year.

A mini yellow rosebush.

Some, ummm, other kind of pink rose bush.

But my favorite, by FAR, is the hydrangea that we have growing on the side of the house.

Every morning I go outside and tend to it.

And by “tend to it” I mean that….

I water it a lot and will it not to die.

I had assumed (or maybe hoped) that it would be white….

So when it began to flower this year we were definitely surprised to see the pink and and purplish blue color of the blooms.

But since Hydrangea, or myfavoriteflowerinthewholeentireworld, are beautiful no matter what….

I’ll take what I can get.

Last night I was finally going to put aside the irrational fear I have, and cut a few blooms to bring inside the house….

But the hubby, ever the voice of reason, suggested that since I am leaving today that I should probably wait… Since surely they would die at his hand before I returned.

Definitely true.


I also thought maybe I would cut a few blooms to bring to my Grandmother, ya know… to freshen up her room at the nursing home.

But I am not sure how they’d fair on the plane while I juggle my bags and baby.


We’re off today for our short stint in Houston.

Prayers for a safe and Grace filled trip are always appreciated!

How I Met My House: Part 1

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Since this little blog is brand-spankin new and we are all just getting to know one another, I thought I’d share some background information :)

A few weeks ago, AnNicole over at Our Suburban Cottage hosted a big blog party called How I Met My House. Of course I meant to link up, but I was so busy getting my rear kicked by finals at the time that the opportunity passed me by.  I still think it is a good way for us to get to know one another a little better though, so I’m going to go ahead and share :)

After my handsome hubby and I got married, we moved to Little Rock, AR. I didn’t have a very good attitude about it at first, and we were both dead set on leaving Little Rock as soon as possible (we had grand visions of living in a beautiful historic home in downtown Charleston ;). At this point we were still a little delusional of the belief that our lives would go exactly as we had planned. As a result we spent a lot of time making our own plans instead of  realizing how much better the ones that God had for us were.  Because of this, our living situation was and felt very temporary….. We lived with a roommate while all of our stuff, our wedding gifts, and my car waited for us in Virginia while we job searched on the east coast. Brutal.

I did a lot of soul searching during this time and struggled with a slight depression in a place where I had no friends, no transportation, a crappy waitressing job, and was dealing with a very frustrating and disappointing job search. For a long time I refused to believe that I could ever be happy in Arkansas (I was definitely wrong). I prayed A LOT for patience, serenity, and the courage & wisdom to know, trust in and do God’s will.

My sweet husband was so wonderful and patient during the funk that I was in. One thing that he used to do to cheer me up was to drive us around to look at houses. He knew how much I  am obsessed with love them, so we would go for long Sunday drives around town, looking at all of the homes and making all of those infamous plans.


Soon prayer and Grace began to work in our lives and we accepted that Little Rock was part of God’s plan for us. Of course everything then fell into place (um, duh). We found a BEAUTIFUL apartment that was part of a charming craftsman home in a historic neighborhood going through a huge revitalization and definitely on the up and up . We were finally on our own and, after a flight to Virginia and a long drive back with all of our belongings,  we began to build our lives here. I got a job working with troubled youth while the hubby focused on life at the office and a growing freelance business….

I also set to work on our little apartment… life was good.

Fast forward one year and I had decided to go to nursing school while Scott began building his brand. Since we knew that nursing school meant a long(ish) term commitment (and since I had pretty much been waiting my ENTIRE LIFE to buy and start working on our first house) we decided to start looking.

Our realtor, Lael Foster, was our landlord’s wife so it worked out really well. Plus she was FANTASTIC and we really grew to love her (and her to two adorable daughters). Her and her hubby do some  great renovations and own some really great rental properties (ie. our old apartment)….and are just all the way around real estate savvy :)

Shortly after we began our search, God threw in another one of His little curveballs


we were pregnant.