An early morning pick-me-up

Since this is the first spring that we have experienced in this house, we welcomed a few surprises in the garden this year.

A mini yellow rosebush.

Some, ummm, other kind of pink rose bush.

But my favorite, by FAR, is the hydrangea that we have growing on the side of the house.

Every morning I go outside and tend to it.

And by “tend to it” I mean that….

I water it a lot and will it not to die.

I had assumed (or maybe hoped) that it would be white….

So when it began to flower this year we were definitely surprised to see the pink and and purplish blue color of the blooms.

But since Hydrangea, or myfavoriteflowerinthewholeentireworld, are beautiful no matter what….

I’ll take what I can get.

Last night I was finally going to put aside the irrational fear I have, and cut a few blooms to bring inside the house….

But the hubby, ever the voice of reason, suggested that since I am leaving today that I should probably wait… Since surely they would die at his hand before I returned.

Definitely true.


I also thought maybe I would cut a few blooms to bring to my Grandmother, ya know… to freshen up her room at the nursing home.

But I am not sure how they’d fair on the plane while I juggle my bags and baby.


We’re off today for our short stint in Houston.

Prayers for a safe and Grace filled trip are always appreciated!


11 Responses to “An early morning pick-me-up”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hydrangeas are my favorite too! Aren’t they just the best flower?! No one will convince me different ;^) Just wanted to stop over and say ‘hi’. Saw you featured on Busy Budgeting Mama and wanted to let you know how cute your blog is!

    Have a good rest of your week!

  2. julie says:

    i just came over from the busy budgeting mama! you have a super cute blog. i have dydrangeas too! we’ve been growing them for 3 years now…i love them! ours are a blueish purple. you can change the color of them by changing the acidity level of your soil…the only reason i know this is my gma…she said you can purchase something at a garden store to add to the soil to change it…if you wanted to. the ones you have are beautiful, though! they are really nice dried too! anyways, cute blog! i’m now a follower :)

  3. Christy says:

    Gorgeous!! I have a couple hydrangeas in my backyard as well and they are my absolute favorite. Mine are pink but my neighbor across the street has beautiful blue ones. I have been adding aluminum to my soil at one bush to turn them lavender (that is my fave) and have gotten a few beautiful blooms in shades of purplish pink. You must cut some and bring them inside! They do wonderfully in vases and last quite a while. Then you can just let them dry out and they look beautiful dried as well!

    Thanks so much for becoming a follower, I have started following you as well! Have a great trip.

  4. Thanks for loving my blog! I love yours too (as you know cause of all the comments i’m making on it)! Hydrangia are my favorite flower too, second to peony of course. I think I have heard somewhere that the color of the blooms has to do with the acidity of your soil. So you could perhaps do a little tweaking to change it? I would be nervous to mess with it too much though, cause like you said, any is better than none. Although I would prefer pink to white!

  5. Kelli says:

    I love hydrangeas, too! I’m so jealous of your gorgeous blooms! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your sweet comment! Grey or yellow would be super-cute! Probably grey cable-knit. :)

  6. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! i wish you could take some to your grandma! hope you have a wonderfully sweet visit with her.

    p.s. – i am scheduled for a c-section on my due date which is this friday, june 4. so our gal will be here then or sooner! : ) thanks for thinking of me!

  7. T.bird says:

    Hi there! I wanted you to know that I have selected you for a blog award! Please stop by my blog to pick it up. You will need to just copy the image onto your computer and read my post about the awards and follow my lead. Thank you!


  8. Your flowers are beautiful. My oldest son picked one of these bushes out this spring and we planted it. He couldn’t believe how big they actually can get. Seeing your photo also gave me hope that my little bush will one day fill in that big space. :)

  9. Agueda Byrd says:

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  11. Oh how I wish I could grow those as beautiful as yours in San Diego! I am inland and it is hotter here than the coastal area, I LOVE hydrangeas and am so bummed I can not have a garden full of them!

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