praying for madelyn

Prayer has a very special place in the hearts of both my husband and I. As two people whose lives have been drenched with examples of the power of prayer, we are so passionate about the need for us to come, both together and individually, to the feet of our Lord in prayer for our family.

It is one of my hearts greatest desires to spend time with the Lord in prayer, both in my personal prayer life and in the one that I share with my husband. I have seen the power of prayer do amazing things in my life, and as a mother it is so important for me to share that gift with my children.

Praying for Madelyn is something that I do constantly. I know that I fall so short as a mother in so many ways and that it is only through prayer and grace that I will raise the kind, virtuous, Holy children that I desire all of my kids (present and future) to be. Every night since we first began dating, Scott and I have brought our hopes, fears, dreams & intentions and laid them at the feet of Christ in search of His grace and mercy. Once the the idea of marriage became more real for us, we prayed intently for our vocations… both that we would know God’s will and for the strength, courage, and grace to live it fully. When we became engaged and knew that God was calling us to the vocations of marriage and parenthood (in whatever form that may take) we began praying for all of our future children and for their vocations as well.

We continued to do this throughout the two years of our engagement and the year and a half of our marriage before Madelyn’s conception, and still do for all of the children that we pray God blesses us with. Once we had become aware of Madelyn’s impeding arrival, we joyfully and gratefully began to pray for her specifically.

Every day I pray for sweet little Madelyn. For her life and vocation…. for her future husband if that’s what God has in store for her. I pray that God gives her a heart that burns with a desire to love and serve Him. That she would always have the wisdom to know and the courage to do God’s will…. in every aspect of her life. I pray that Madelyn will turn to Our Lady and the amazing example of womanhood, motherhood, and true feminism that she is to us. I pray that she will be kind and virtuous… that she will always stand up for the weak and serve others before she serves herself. I pray that she will have a heart that is filled with joy and and that she will have a genuine love for  life, but always remember that it and this world that we live in is fleeting.

I pray that she will be a Saint.

But praying for Madelyn doesn’t just mean praying for her, it also means praying for myself and for my role as a mother and wife. It means praying for her daddy in his vocation to fatherhood and for our marriage as a whole. I want to be the kind of mother that teaches her children by example and I know that Madelyn is going to imitate everything that I do. Her imitation of Christ and of Our Lady will come through her imitation of me.

For and with my family… I just constantly pray.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    I just was stopping by tonight and read this…and loved it. I can totally relate to this thinking…as Josh and I make it a point to pray for Isaac’s vocation every night for some of the very same reasons. Thanks for the reminder to continue to pray for ourselves in this vocation…to continue to be able to provide guidance and stability for the souls of our spouse and our children. What a HUGE responsibility!

    God bless!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Thank you for your sweet mention of me and for letting me know about it! I loved stopping by here and spending some time reading, and especially loved this post on prayer. Teaching our children to experience that personal communication with God is the greatest gift we can give them!

  3. Farah says:

    Hi, I read what you think and feel about all, its heart touching, touching deeply inside, I am a mom of a growing daughter and a younger son… I can feel and understand what you said… Thanks a lot for sharing .. love you, and your little angel is a sweet darling, God give her all the happiness of life with the true and exact path… Ameen

  4. This is so sweet and heartfelt. You are a wonderful mom!

  5. Tara Haner says:

    Great reminder to pray for our kids constantly. Madelyn is so beautiful. Our fourth baby is due any day and her name will be Addelyn (Addy). I found you through your comment over at Large Family Mothering and look forward to reading more. :)

  6. just wanted to let you know i left you a blog award on my blog :)

  7. Kristi says:

    I love this! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, you have a beautiful blog, beautiful family, and I’ll be following yours as well :)

  8. B Hennager says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I look forward to reading more of your blogs as time allows. I will be beginning to homeschool my oldest son this year so look forward to many funny blogs with lots of prayer and guidance from God on this one!

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